1, 2, Buckle My Shoe

1, 2, Buckle my shoe.

3, 4 Shut the door.

5, 6 Pick up sticks.

7, 8 Lay them straight.

9, 10 A big fat hen!

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Numbers from 1 to 9

One, one, one One leaping deer! Two, two, two Two tasty fruits! Three, three, three Three playful rabbits ! Four, four, four Four watchful dogs! Five, five, five Five tasty ice-creams here! Six, six, six

Ding, dong, bell

Ding, dong, bell,  Pussy’s in the well. Who put her in? Little Johnny Thin.  Little Johnny Thin.  Who pulled her out? Little Tommy Stout.  What a naughty boy was that To try to drown poor

Ten Green Bottles

Ten green bottles sitting on the wall,Ten green bottles sitting on the wall,And if one green bottle should accidentally fall,There’ll be nine green bottles sitting on the wall. Nine green bottles sitting on the wall,Nine